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Privacy Policy

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Your e-mail address

We store an e-mail address for every account as a unique identifier. This allows us to communicate with account holders for support and administrative purposes such as resetting an account password. We do not currently conduct email newsletter or email marketing activities. If we ever do offer a Project Birdie newsletter or other Project Birdie marketing emails you will not receive these messages unless you opt-in. All Project Birdie accounts are opted out of non-support emails by default.

We hate spam too

We will not sell or share your email address with anyone - period. We hate spam as much as you do.

Cookies are required

We use cookies to deliver some personalized features and content for account holders. This cookie is only present when account holders are logged in, and is identified by the cookie name "PROJECTBIRDIE". No personally identifiable data is stored or transmitted via this cookie.

Other Cookies

We also use Google Analytics to track how the Project Birdie website is being used. This service places several cookies on your computer for anonymous, tracking purposes. We may from time to time allow advertisers to place cookies on your computer for accurate impression/click and other ad performance tracking activities. Any change to this policy will be reflected on this page when implemented.

Targeted Advertising

We sell targeted advertising on and you may see ads that are targeted to you based on several factors:

  1. The golf courses you play
  2. Your handicap index
  3. Patterns related to when you golf (ex: you only play on Thursdays)

All targeting information about out golfer members is separate from their name and email address for the purpose of protecting their privacy. We do not disclose the name or email address of any member to our advertisers.